Looking for Better Planting Accuracy?

4 R Equipment can provide accuracy down to the inch, saving you money along the way. See how much money you’ll save here. With rising input cost, using precision farming tools on your farm is becoming critical. 4 R Equipment can provide you with many precision farming solutions that will help maximize your bottom line.


4 R Equipment’s RTK Network will work with any color of equipment.


The FieldManager Display is the controller of your Precision Farming System.


For an on-site demonstration, call our Precision Farming Specialists

Aaron Maloy

Phone: 618-308-2141
E-mail: aaron.maloy@4requip.com

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the 4 R Equipment RTK Network.

Other Precision Farming Solutions Saving You Time & Money


AgGPS EZ-Steer System

  • Entry Level Autoguidance.
  • Directly turns the steering wheel.
  • Moves easily from one machine to the other.
  • Works on over 550 Case IH and non Case IH vehicles.

AgGPS EZ-Boom 2010 Automated Application Control System

  • Automatically control up to 10 boom sections and avoid over-spraying.
  • Precise rate control reducing the application cost of the chemicals.
  • Produce an exact real-time summary map that shows the sprayed area.

AgGPS FieldManager Display

  • Large touch screen for easy use.
  • Outstanding mapping capability.
  • To view a demo click here.